Bumps in the Road (2008)

Huma Bhabha

Clay, wood, wire, Styrofoam, metal studs, acrylic, 
paint, cast iron, burlap, newsprint, sand, ash
168.3 x 153.7 x 203.8 cm

Sharjah Art Foundation Collection

In Bumps in the Road (2008), a figure with a disproportionately large head with metal parts for eyes leans forward. The partial ‘flesh’ of its face clinging to an armature of chicken wire. The back of its head is missing, exposing what resembles the internal structure of a building ruined over time, or perhaps damaged in conflict. Bhabha used the device of stacking as armature and plinths as a ‘stage’ on which to place her sculptures. Reflecting her fascination with ancient sculpture such as Greek kouros, which she refers to as ‘walking monuments’.