b. 1951, Iran
d. 2016, Dubai

Hassan Sharif was a pioneer of conceptual art and experimental practice, as well as a prolific writer on art and a founder of several art institutions within the U.A.E. His work included performance, paintings, and repurposed found objects. These were often transformed into systematic, accumulating installations. He often dealt with pertinent themes, such as time, mass production and consumer culture in society. 


Works exhibited

Book of Numbers (Inside pages 1982, cardboard work 2006)
Book of Different Pens (1983)
Sewing Notebook No. 1(1983, reconstituted in 2006)
Sewing Notebook No. 2 (1983, reconstituted in 2006)
Central Market, Sharjah (1985)
Colourful File No. 2 (2006)
Dictionary (2015)

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