b. 1900, Colombo
d. 1944, Colombo

Trained as a lawyer and pianist in England, Lionel Wendt formally took up photography in the 1930s. He experimented with photograms, photomontage, double printing and solarisation to produce work that was foundational in the global history of photography. He also contributed to the development of modern art in Sri Lanka through his writing and founding of the ’43 Group of artists in Colombo.


Works exhibited in Hamburg & Sharjah:

Untitled (Man with palm made fan) (c.1935)
Untitled (Man with Rope) (c.1935)
Untitled (Boy in White Shirt and Trouser) (c.1935)
Man with watch and amulet (c.1935)
Reclining Buddha (c.1935)
Untitled (Portrait from Memory, Bromide) (c.1936)
Untitled (Profile of Lionel Wendt Smoking) (c.1937)
Untitled (Singer in Sunshine) (c.1938–1939)
Untitled (Head Among Twigs 2) (c.1942)
Sailing Boats (c.1942)

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