b. 1924, Bombay (now Mumbai)
d. 2004, New York

Mohan Samant is considered a pioneering Indian modernist artist. He was a member of the Progressive Artists’ Group in the 1950s, a collective of creatives predominantly based in Mumbai. His work drew from multiple sources, such as miniature and Basohli painting, as well hieroglyphics and ancient objects from Egypt. His style, technique, colour and material consistently shifted, reflecting historical, spiritual and quotidian narratives. 


Works exhibited in Hamburg & Sharjah:


Untitled (c. 1980s–1990s)

Man with a Child in a Chair (1982)

Untitled (c. 1990s)

Bride (c. 1991)

Pointing Fingers (1991)

Bird Sanctuary (1997)

Sad Man Wandering (1998)

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