b. 1971, Kurdistan 
Lives and works between Melbourne and Chiang Mai
Rushdi Anwar draws upon his personal experiences as a Kurdish refugee and survivor of state violence to explore the profound effects of displacement and trauma caused by colonial and ideological regimes. Anwar employs various mediums, such as found objects, photography and video, to create thought-provoking installations, sculptures and mixed-media works that examine themes of identity and social issues.

Works exhibited in Sharjah:

From ‘A Hope and Peace to End All Hope and Peace (2023–ongoing)


The Kingdom of Rust they Ruled by Stones (2023)

Turn your silver into bullets (2023)

When you pray for black gold, you have to deal with the burnging smoke too (2023)

Listen again to the drum sound rising in the air; the truth is treason in the empire of lies (2023)

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